Runaway June Delve Into The ‘Wild West’ With New Song

Fresh off being recognized on nearly every “One to Watch” list for 2017 including Rolling Stone’s “10 New Country Artists You need To Know,” Runaway June is without a doubt the most important new group to hit country music. At a time when the “Group” section in the genre’s award shows are… well… meager, it’s refreshing to know that there is at least one new group making headway in the genre.

Runaway June just recently released a brand-new song, “Wild West”, which is presumed to be their next single. It is a sweet and slow love song that uses imagery from the Wild West, such as Jesse James, Outlaws, the prairie, and a pearl-handled .45. The female narrator is asking for a man who will ride onto the scene, steal her heart and save the day like in the Wild West. The song opens with, “Baby you could steal my heart like Jesse James/ or come in guns blazing just like ol’ John Wayne”.

I must say, I really love this song and no, not just because it references the Duke…. Though that does help! 😉 As a huge Duke fan and someone who has studied the legend for years, I’m always tickled when I hear the legend referenced in a good song, and quite frankly I can’t think of a more fitting song than “Wild West”. For one, the song is all about western imagery and well known western figures, which fits John Wayne’s own imagine, as he is best known for his westerns and cowboy imagine. The other and probably most interesting reason it’s so fitting that “Wild West” references the legend’s name is the fact that Jennifer Wayne is actually the legendary actor’s granddaughter!      ***Let’s all take a minute to be jealous***

John Wayne reference aside, “Wild West” is a great song on its own. It touches on age old themes all the while keeping the sound and lyrics fresh and organic. You’ll want to put this one your playlist. I look forward to hearing a full album from Runaway June.

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(Written by Li Austin/CMM Contributor)

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