Randy Travis, Travis Tritt Featured In Two For Tuesday

Our Two for Tuesday songs are not only 2 songs that are very similar, but Randy Travis and Travis Tritt share a before and after quality to their names.

Randy Travis’ “Good Intentions” was on his second album, “Always & Forever,” released in 1987.            It was written by Marvin Coe, Merle Haggard, and Randy Travis.  The song was never released as a single to radio.

Travis Tritt’s “Best of Intentions” was released in June 2000 as the first single from his album, “Down the Road I Go.”  Travis wrote the song and it reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

The sun is setting on our 2 song Tuesday’s, so I hope you’ll check out the last one next Tuesday.

(Written by Geoff Brown/CMM Contributor)

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