SaraBeth Brings Her “Girl Scout Cookie Monster” Song To Life In Southern California – CMM Interview

With a smile like the one country artist SaraBeth maintains it is hard not to fall for her. Then when you hear her sing you are all the way in. The 2016 Nashville Universe Awards Female Vocalist winner is a busy young lady who always finds time for kids, which I believe to be her second passion. Her recent work with the Girl Scouts of America is proof of that.

On her stop, here in Southern California, we had the chance to catch up on how this came about and what her career has been like since we last met in June at CMA Fest.

SaraBeth keeps busy touring and last year made three trips to the UK where her latest EP, Full Speed Ahead debuted last year at #1. Her last visit there was this past October for the British Country Music Awards. We were interested in the difference with fans there and what is the reason she sees many independent artists do well.

“I think a lot of it is that are not a lot of country music played on main stream radio. You’ll get some Lady Antebellum, some Hunter Hayes and a couple others here and there. For the most part it’s just not big on the radio. As a result, they don’t know who in the US has a #1 hit, who has a #1 music video or where all the promotions are. They just know what music they like. For example, I Tweet a lot about my other indie artist friends so I then see some of my UK fans latch on to them. Their music discovery is so much more through social media and suggestions which is really cool. I am happy and honored that I got in when I did to the British country music scene.”

“I do some cover songs when over there touring and fans of mine get excited when they hear me on the radio thinking it is actually one of my own songs. When I put together a set list, I include the covers, they think they are my originals because they have never heard them before. I grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Lynn Anderson, and Loretta Lynn. They don’t know those songs because it is not what they grew up listening to. I am so thrilled to be part of that world with them.”

New singles take on a life of their own and give artists a feeling of coming alive and great accomplishment. SaraBeth has a new release out, “I Want It That Way,” and tells us a bit about it.

“I am so excited, it’s a brand new single, not a cover song. I have a hard time keeping secrets so anytime something new is coming out being a show or a new song I have to share with the whole world. It kills me to keep quiet so I get on social media and lay the ground work for a pre-order and more. It’s exciting and fun.”

There is not a country artist who has not had goals and dreams to play the Grand Old Opry. This young lady is no exception.

“I have not yet had the opportunity, have not been asked yet but I know what an honor and thrill it would be to do so.”

As mentioned above SaraBeth has been working with the Girl Scouts of America across the country performing and spending time with so many troops. This is all due to her love of their cookies in her original song, “Cookie Monster.” Being in the Scouts as a youngster this intrigued me.

“People often say things can happen when you least expect them, taking on a life of their own, and this was just the thing. I wrote the song last year around this time with Glen Mitchell. I was at a radio station, WGGC in Bowling Green, KY and they have a thing every week called “Write A Song Wednesday.” They run off topics and we had already done something on March Madness so we thought the Girl Scout cookie topic would be fun since we already had ideas for it. We wrote the song and people started cheering it and right now it has over 460,000 views and that includes from last year. People were wanting to know when it was going to be on iTunes, they really wanted the song, the reaction was so great.”

“We were in the studio working on some music and thought, ‘Let’s just put a song together for this.’ This cookie season it’s takin’ on another whole life of its own with all these Girl Scout events that I’ve been asked to come and play at. I’ve been everywhere from Virginia Beach to Los Angeles, be it Girl Scout Jamborees, World Thinking Day or just troop meetings and whatever else. I never thought I would I would have merchandise with Girl Scouts on it or Girl Scout patches but I do. I have always loved working with kids so this is so much fun and rewarding.”

The rest of 2017 seems busy for SaraBeth, with a lot of new things lined up. She fills us in on what’s up.

“I have an exciting event coming up in Fort Worth, Texas at the Ignition 2017 event opening for Eli Young Band and then on to Dallas on April 22nd with Lindsay El and Mo Pitney at the Heartlight Ministries Dinner. After that it’s back to the UK the first part of May. In between I have more Girl Scout events lined up. We also have been in the studio writing songs just trying to figure out what’s next as far as when the next CD will be released. In October, I have an event with 10,000 Girl Scouts in St. Louis and also doing a lot of National Anthems over the summer. I love everything that is going on with my life and career right now.”

Make sure to keep up with SaraBeth on her website to not miss a thing. We look forward to catching up again along the road.

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