Stephanie Quayle Featured In Music Video Monday – “Drinking With Dolly”

Rebel Engine Entertainment recording artist Stephanie Quayle’s music video for “Drinking With Dolly” premiered November 8th on CMT and I have hit play on it at least once a day since then. The video portrays a young Stephanie growing up listening to her a.m. radio and follows her journey to a present-day artist readying for the big stage. There is something about the simplicity of this that makes it a perfect Music Video Monday feature.

In a nod to the songwriting community, Rachel Proctor, one of the co-writers of the song, makes a cameo appearance as Stephanie’s mother while her daughter, Olivia, plays the youngest Stephanie character. The video also features a surprise shout out to Stephanie’s loyal fan base, known as the “Flock Of Quayle,” and a handful of subtle Dolly references throughout.

Victoria Banks, one of the other co-writers says, “Stephanie’s voice brings to life all the longing we put into this song…longing for a sweeter, simpler time in country music history when iconic women ruled the airwaves and hairdos were jacked up to Jesus.”

‘’In ‘Drinking With Dolly’, Stephanie paints a beautiful picture in this touching tribute to Dolly Parton and other female country icons who have inspired a generation of fans & artists” said Leslie Fram, Senior Vice President of Music Strategy at CMT.

“This song and project are so special because the beautiful women in this song have helped shape me into the artist I am today,” says Stephanie stated. “I remember racing to the barn and listening to country music on a tiny little AM radio. That is where I fell in love with music. From the front porch, to the barn, to nervously getting ready in a bathroom with my guitar, these moments are my story. What better way to express how much this song means to me than to take it back to where it all began.”

The vibrant artist has a knack to captivate whether it be a stranger, a crowded room or a packed venue. From her radiating energy and booming personality to the passion and intensity delivered in her music, the magnetic singer-songwriter grabs hold of an audience and doesn’t let go as she belts out her songs behind her guitar and piano. I have grown to enjoy her as an artist and a “fan” of her fans. Check out a look back at our special Wednesday’s Watch spotlight on Stephanie right Here

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