Ned LeDoux Steps Out Of A Proud Shadow With “Forever A Cowboy”

Ned LeDoux may carry a big storied shadow but it is one he proudly stands in. It has been over 11 years since his dad Chris LeDoux passed and he believes that people want to hear something new. Ned prepares to bring the cowboy back to country with the release of his debut EP, “Forever A Cowboy,” on December 2nd with label Thirty Tigers.

“There’s an age group who doesn’t know who Chris LeDoux is and I just want to keep his name out there,” explains Ned. “I want to reintroduce him to people who’ve maybe heard of him but didn’t know what he did. Just carry on his legacy and carry on his music and at the same time show them what I can do.” To hear more click here

The new project, produced by award-winning Mac McAnally, includes “We Ain’t Got It All,” the first new Chris LeDoux co-write in over two decades. When Ned’s mom passed along a stack of his dad’s papers that included a list of unfinished song ideas and lyrics, Ned packed them up and travelled to Nashville to work with McAnally where they finished one of the ideas which became “We Ain’t Got It All,” – a brand new song by Chris LeDoux, co-written with his son Ned and McAnally.

The song has now become Ned’s personal favorite to sing on the road because it’s the first original song he co-wrote with his Dad saying it’s a nice tribute as it seems to pick up right where his Dad left off and carries on the LeDoux sound to and from a new generation.

“I’ve been working around country music for a long time, long enough to have seen Chris LeDoux and understand how much he meant to the rodeo community,” said David Macias, President, Thirty Tigers. “He was them and became one of the most important chroniclers of that life through his music and artwork.”

“Sometimes when a child of the truly great decides to follow in the footsteps of the parent, we hold our breath and hope for the best, but in Ned, we find something exciting, something informed by the tradition that he came from, but also very much his own. I should have known when I found out that he was working with Mac McAnally that it would be terrific, and it is. We are excited to welcome Ned into the Thirty Tigers family. I hope (and think) that this will be a long and fruitful relationship.”

Forever A Cowboy Track Listing:

1) “We Ain’t Got It All” (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
2) “Brother Highway” (Ned LeDoux, Mark Sissel)
3) “Forever a Cowboy” (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
4) “Johnson County War” (Chris LeDoux)
5) “The Hawk” (Ned LeDoux)

Click here to preorder “Forever A Cowboy.”

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  1. I used to order Chris LeDouxs 8 tracks from him to sell in the 70s. I loved his songs. You sound a lot like your dad. I like listening to your music also.

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