Jenny Gill’s “The House Sessions” — EP Review

Jenny Gill has been singing since she was a little girl so the release of her EP “The House Sessions,” out September 8th, is particularly sweet for the singer/songwriter. This project features 6 songs, 5 of which are written or co-written by Jenny and recorded in her dad’s home studio affectionately called “The House.” While Jenny has been on plenty of stages singing background vocals for her dad, Vince Gill, and her step mom Amy Grant, this EP is finally her turn to take the bull by the horns and jump into center stage. Fans that have seen her sing live have been clamoring for this release and it is no wonder why. Jenny isn’t just the daughter of a famous singer, she is a talent in her own right and this EP BEYOND demonstrates that.

From the moment the music kicks off with the groovy “Lonely Lost Me” you know your ears are certainly in for a treat. The first things that will strike you is Jenny’s sweet, yet powerful voice and the fact that she knows who she is as an artist. With many first ventures the sound of an EP can be very generic. That is not the case here…AT ALL. Jenny’s voice and style are very much her own and distinctive. You feel like you are listening to a seasoned artist from the get go.

The second song is one of my favorites (well if I am being honest, I love them all)! “Look Where Loving You Landed Me” was inspired by something Jenny’s husband Josh said to her on their honeymoon! Jenny took the line and ran with it, making it into a song that is a feel good, make you smile kind of tune. The emotionally powerful “Whiskey Words” follows giving off the most country nuances on the EP. It also really showcases Jenny’s range and vocal ability.

Next up is “Lean on Love” which is an uptempo song that has sassy soul and great instrumentation in the background. You will find yourself tapping your toes and not being able to refrain from singing along with lines like, “Let’s get it out in the open, cause there’s nothing, not one thing to be afraid of. Any pain we’ll get through it, we can do it….if we just lean on love.”

While the whole EP is chalked full of great music “Your Shadow” is exceptionally poignant. This song will take you on a journey from beginning to end and you will FEEL every note played and lyric sung. The song is very personal to Jenny as it relates to her following her dreams in light of being the daughter to a musical legend. However, the song takes on a life of it’s own and I think many listeners will find the song speaks to their life too.

“The Letter” closes out the EP and it is a great way to finish it off. Jenny’s version of this classic shows off her ability to infuse her style with a little rock and gives you an idea of how fun her live shows are. From top to bottom this EP is not only a brilliant first effort, but a solid piece of work that stands out among music’s elite. While the EP isn’t classified as country, I hear country influences, and Jenny’s exceptional songwriting and ability to tell the truth through a song are key elements that are missing from a lot of today’s music…country or not.

“The House Sessions” is available now and if you are looking for a new artist to explore I highly recommend giving this EP a listen. There is a line in “Your Shadow” that says…” I’ve got to find a dream that can shine on it’s own….in the light of your shadow….” I think this EP will shine on its own for sure. Well done Jenny, well done!

You can find “The House Sessions” on iTunes HERE


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