All Access Sets “10 Questions With Frankie Ballard”

With the recent climb of success Frankie Ballard is having and the rave reviews of his recent album, “El Rio,” he has become a household name to anyone who appreciates valid country music. Thanks to All Access for sharing their “10 Questions With Frankie Ballard” segment. Very well played and pieced together to give us a deeper insight into this talent. I have never been disappointed by his music or his stage presence, Frankie Ballard is one to watch and take notice of.

To get you started:

1. Frankie, thank you for taking time to speak with All Access. You’ve had a lot going on recently, and I want to start with discussing “El Rio.” There’s a favorite saying of mine that “Not all who wander are lost.” This album feels like that quote to me — like you’ve wandered off the beaten path in order to find yourself. How much Frankie Ballard lives in this project?

“That’s so cool – great quote. I mean, fully. Fully, fully, ya know? I am 100 percent committed to be 100 percent committed. I’m all-in, all the time. All I’ve been doing for the past 12 years since I started this band in Kalamazoo, Michigan is this. Just trying to make it better, trying to refine it, trying to write better songs, and trying to tighten up the band. Just trying to reach more people and be a musician. And so when it came time to make this album, I am just head over heels.” Continue here

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