Laura McCormick Brings Positive Vibes In New Video – “Just Around The Corner”

As if rising country artist Laura McCormick wasn’t charming enough the new music video for her single “Just Around the Corner” adds more. The video is jam-packed with two things that are very important to her: positivity and puppies. To help bring the infectiously inspirational tune to life, Laura partnered with a group that is near and dear to her heart, Nashville animal support group, East C.A.N.

“This song found me at a time when I really needed some encouragement,” says Laura. “I want this video to help people get through any despair they may be facing, because better days may be just around the corner.” The video reminds people to stay positive during tough times and features more than 20 dogs happily frolicking in Nashville while being considered for adoption.

“We are proud to be included in this project with Laura McCormick and continue to spread the message of hope and second chances, for all living things,” says East C.A.N.’s Callie Jennings. East C.A.N. seeks to educate the public on issues of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership while also supporting finders of stray and abandoned animals. Get more information on their website

“Just Around the Corner,” which is the first single off of Laura’s “Too Wild to Tame” EP available on iTunes, is currently out for adds on country radio and garnering positive industry buzz. I love the positive vibe in Laura’s current single. Once you hear the song and after seeing this uplifting video you should have no doubts you feel the same.

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