Music Video Monday Featuring Josh Kelley – “It’s Your Move” With Album Review Bonus

Josh Kelley is the older brother of Lady Antebellum front man Charles Kelley, but if you are looking for that same sound in Josh that is not what you will find. What you will find is a raw talent all his own with a smooth focused yet edgy side that pulls you in. Josh has just released his first new music in five years and the first for Sugar Hill, “New Lane Road,” to outstanding reviews landing a No. 2 spot on the charts.

With Josh handling the songwriting, production and engineering, and playing most of the instruments himself on the 12-song album, he has a feeling of rejuvenation.  “This record is the most me of any record I’ve ever made,” he states. “It’s the most honest I’ve ever been, and it’s the best subject matter I’ve ever had to write about.  When I was first coming up, I was young and inexperienced, and I had to make things up.  Now that I’m older and I’ve traveled the world and had kids and have seen more and felt more, I have things to write songs about.”

Josh’s wife, Katherine Heigl and his brother Charles were a big part of the new project. Their opinions on what was good and what was not were influential and an honesty he took to heart. Josh states Charles can smell a hit from a mile away while he is not at all good at that. “The Rock That Found A Rollin’ Stone’, and “It’s Your Move,” are very tender and emotional which reflects Katherine’s influence. The brisk sounds of “Anywhere You Wanna Go,” and “Call It What It Is,” are very lighthearted in a sea of nostalgia in “Take It On Back,” to patriotism in the title track, “New Lane Road.”

In this new album Josh has given a new insight into his true talents as a songwriter, musician and singer. Even with his own sound he has a likeness to Bruce Hornsby and Jackson Browne and it was evident as I listened to his opening set on April 23rd for his brother Charles on his “The Driver Tour”. He is true to his album sound, fun, entertaining, and great stage presence along with an infectious smile. Josh’s intensity in putting “New Lane Road,” together has paid off and well played.

To get to know Josh and purchase this incredible piece of art known as “New Lane Road,” stop by his site

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