Music Video Monday Featuring Phil Vassar – ‘She’s On Her Way’

Throughout the span of Phil Vassar’s career his ballads have touched many lives with songs ranging from “Last Day Of My Life,” “This Is God,” “Erase,” “Rose Bouquet,” and “Don’t Miss Your Life.” He has a way with his fans that tips the scales on how much he appreciates their loyalty through the years, going out of his way to make them always feel they are included in his journey.

With the new release of “She’s On Her Way,” a song off his 2009 “Traveling Circus” album, Phil showcased his fans as part of the video. “It is so cool how so many of our fans got involved in this project,” said Vassar. “We really love our fans and this was a great way to let them be a part of this project.”

The video shows Phil singing “She’s On Her Way,” in his home studio covered in fan photos from floor to ceiling. These were pieced together after hundreds of submissions from fans sharing their momentous moments like birthdays, proposals and weddings. The song has become a fan favorite at many of his shows on his #noPHILter Tour.

“I’ve always loved the song ‘She’s On Her Way,'” said Vassar. “Me and my co-writers Kim Nichols, and Jeff Outlaw were hanging out one day talking about our kids. The more we talked and I thought about my own 2 daughters, Haley and Presley, we really got inspired. But, I have to admit, it was the most emotional I have ever been writing a song. I was all torn up before, during, and after. Even today when I hear the song, it still touches a chord in me. Over the years, fans would tell us how much the song meant to them and how they used it at their wedding. So, we thought we would say thanks to them and do a fan driven video.”

This video in some way touches all of us. Phil Vassar’s thank you to his fans is such a special gift and it was very easy to unwrap. “She’s On Her Way,” is available for download on iTunes here

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