New Tour, New Video For Jason Aldean – ‘Gonna Know You Were Here’

It seems like once one tour is over the break goes by fast on the way to announcing a new one. Jason Aldean is no exception on that recent list of artist’s who are already gearing up for 2016. The “We Were Here Tour” will kick off January 14th in Moline IL with dates stretched out till May 16th in Allentown, PA.

Joining Jason will be the one of the most recent rising groups in country, A Thousand Horses, along with hit maker, Thomas Rhett. Yet that’s not all. Jason has released his newest video for “Gonna Know We Were Here.” A double news bonus.


The video features his high school alma mater, Windsor Academy in Macon, Georgia. It was shot during a homecoming game as a step back look on the rush of his high school days and being part of those football game memories. This may also take some of us back to the glory days.

Tickets for Jason’s tour go on sale October 23rd at and Added to this tour Jason will make his first-ever trip to Australia where he’ll also play a string of headlining tour dates. Gear up and get ready, Jason wants to make sure you all “Were There.”

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