Ronnie Dunn Releases Anticipated New Video – ‘Ain’t No Trucks In Texas’

The transition of Ronnie Dunn as a solo artist has made some twists and turns. He is a very talented head strong individual who truly loves what he does. The determination he has shown proves he will not back down in his belief that there is still room for some good old country music. Ronnie Dunn has found a home with Nash Icon Records under the Big Machine Label Group. With the release of his first single and video for, “Ain’t No Trucks In Texas,” he is well on his way to getting that right fit in the saddle.

“We really wanted to do something simple and poignant,” said Dunn about the concept. “Relationships are tough and it is not always easy to express your feelings. This song signifies how it is easier to let a relationship end than tell someone how you really feel.”

Shot in Nashville and directed by Peter Zavadil, the video highlights the realities of post-relationship regret and realizing there is some truth to the adage that the grass is not always greener. Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, who produced the track, is continuing to work with Dunn on new music for an upcoming album.

“There ain’t no trucks in Texas / Ain’t no football in the south / Ain’t no bourbon in Kentucky, I ain’t drinkin’ me some now / Ain’t no stars in California, Memphis never had the blues / Oh, there ain’t no trucks in Texas, and I ain’t missing you.”

This highly anticipated video was worth the wait. It stays true to the song and is the Ronnie Dunn we have all missed and knew would be back.

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