“Wednesday’s Watch” Featuring Stella // James

It can be a hazard to be on social media too much, but at times without it some new talent would be lost in the shuffle. Enter Nashville-based trio, Stella // James. After seeing some coverage and a video as well as catching their show live on Periscope from the 3rd & Lindsley Bar last night in Nashville, I was impressed and knew I would pursue the trio further. Today meet our “Wednesday’s Watch” artists.

Newly formed trio of longtime friends, Sarah Davidson, Rachel Bradshaw and Ty Graham have been long on impressions in such a short time. On February 24th, 2015, the trio played their first live performance at The Basement in Nashville, TN after the release of their first project, “Acoustic Demos Vol. 1.” The demo includes their current single, “Stella.”

The flawless delivery in their music blends well together for a folk inspired sound. The trio carries undeniable familiarity to the resonances of legendary groups such as Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles yet remains unique. They are ready to emerge and introduce you to what they have been working on for quite some time, perhaps slightly under wraps while they prepared themselves for their launch. If it is any indication as to what we have heard so far the anticipation will be ruthless.

An insight into the name chosen for the band is accurate. The trio knows how to hold the attention of a room as soon as their songs begin. They surely caught mine on Periscope last night; I put my DVR on hold so as to not miss a moment.

Femme fatale by default with no particular intent but to follow the callings of the night // She carelessly sets off the stars with the spark in her eyes and effortlessly steals every eye in the room // She knows and sees no imperfection in herself or in her charming and magnetic ways // She is Stella

The rebel soul on a 1950 Indian Warrior out on some lonely Midwest highway // The steel eyes glaring through a cloud of smoke in some vacant corner bar hanging with the high class Hollywood outsiders waiting on his next heartbreak // The classic cool that can’t be copied // James

Find out more about Stella // James as well as the opportunity to download “Acoustic Demos Vol. 1” by visiting their site: here

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