Sounds Of CMA Fest 2015 – Part One – Music Video Monday

I think I procrastinate on bringing things to you from CMA Fest 2015 because I do not want to let it end. But then again, by giving you bits and pieces as I go along may also bring back great memories for others. (I knew I would somehow make this logic work.) So today I am presenting a bit of a different twist to our “Music Video Monday” spotlight by giving you part One of some sounds of CMA Fest.

Thursday June 11th I attended the Montgomery Gentry Fan Club party at the 3rd and Lindsley Bar & Grill. This adventure is never without fun, really good music and great memories. Artist’s Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry are riding high on their newly released album, “Folks Like Us,” under their new label, Blaster Records. The duo is very selective on this process in bringing new, yet sticking to what has worked well for them over the years: Down home, every man songs that we all can relate to. The album is available in stores as well as on iTunes. If you have not yet listened I encourage you to do so, you will have fun with it. Enjoy “Folks Like Us,” and catch up with the guys in our recent CMM interview:



Friday June 12th brought me to another adventure, The Friends of Ray Scott party at the Wildhorse Saloon. Spending any amount of time with Ray never leaves you without food for thought on many levels and in addition his great true country talent makes it a win, win. In 2014, the singer song-writer took on new management and partnered with Nashville record producer Dave Brainard to start record label deciBel Nashville LLC. The first full-length record from Ray Scott on deciBel Nashville is the self-titled release “Ray Scott,” which features the first single released, “Drinkin’ Beer,” as well as his latest, “Ain’t Always Thirsty.” This party not only had his long-time fans taking it all in, but he garnered new ones who headed over to the merch table to meet Ray and purchase some music and more after the show. He may be an independent artist, but one not to be taken lightly. Have fun with “Drinkin Beer,” and go back and check out our last interview with Ray.



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