Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day. A day we stop and pause to remember all the BRAVE men and women who have fought for our country, our freedoms and our ability to be the great country that we are. Those who have lost their lives, those who have served and those who are currently serving deserve our respect, our immense gratitude and our love for the sacrifices they, along with their families have made. Some have made the ultimate sacrifice and we are thinking of them on this day.

We take so many things for granted, things that we only have because of these brave men and women and things we enjoy while many soldiers are overseas not enjoying the luxuries of home.

As you eat your BBQ food, enjoy the first swim of the season and relish in your day off work please pause and remember the reason for the day and take a minute to be ever so grateful to the bravest of the brave.

God Bless our Troops….not just today…but always.

In honor of Memorial Day we have 2 things to share. Below is a picture someone shared on Facebook that caught my attention and pulled at my heart. This man is dad. A new dad. A dad who just met his little one and now has to say goodbye for who knows how long. A dad that willl miss her first smile, her first time rolling over and so much more. Then there is the little girl. She will miss getting to know her daddy. Pray for these two….we thank him for his sacrifice and pray he will be reunited with his daughter soon.

photo credit: Matt Rogers Facebook Page
photo credit: Matt Rogers Facebook Page

Also, we couldn’t not share a patriotic song. This is a great old Merle Haggard classic sang by the one and only Vince Gill. Enjoy the “The Fightin’ Side of Me.”






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