Aaron Tippin’s “You’ve Got To Stand For Something” – Throwback Thursday Video

Celebrating 25 years as an artist is a huge milestone, and our Thursday Throwback Video selection today has bragging rights. Aaron Tippin has traveled the country road working from the starting line but yet continues to have no finish line in sight.  To mark his silver anniversary Aaron is releasing all-new music on March 2nd. The collection will reflect on the old and shine on with the new.  This brings us to the old since we are throwing back.

When Aaron joined RCA in 1990 he was at a point where he thought his singing career would have to take a back seat and he would just concentrate on building his career as a song-writer.  The first single, “You’ve Got To Stand For Something,” hit the Billboard Country Singles chart, topping off at # 6.  Success of the record was a great boost and soon more hits followed.  The songs, “There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With The Radio,” “My Blue Angel,” and “Workin Man’s PhD,” made it easy for Aaron to touch the blue-collar hard working audience and his unique vocal was definitely country.

In 1995 Aaron released another hit, “That’s As Close As I’ll Get To Loving You,” that brought out a more serious side to his vocal talents and garnered him the first artist spot for Lyric Street Records.  When “Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagle Fly” hit the charts after 9/11 it resonated with everyone, touching lives in different ways.

Aaron has achieved many diverse projects and I think the new album to celebrate his 25 years will bring a new awareness of another pioneer in this industry that we miss.  Do not miss out on the chance to see what Aaron is up to and find more details on his milestone anniversary by going over to his website:  http://www.aarontippin.com/news









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