Austin Webb Goes “All Country on… YOU” — Question and Answer Session

Austin Webb has a knack for picking great songs that fans can relate to. His latest single, “All Country On You,” is no exception. We recently caught up with Austin for a fun question and answer session we are calling “Austin Webb Goes All Country on… YOU!” Take a look at the interview below and don’t forget to head on over to iTunes and purchase “All Country On You” HERE

My favorite part about singing “All Country On You” live is:

When the crowd hears the lyric “going all Carrie Underwood on my truck”. I love Carrie Underwood and that line and all the fans seem to dig it.

I think fans relate to the new single because:

It’s dramatic and it can be real life. It’s not about cut off jeans, tank tops and predictable tailgate, fireball sippin BS. It’s about real country girls and the stuff they do when you screw up. It’s just a fresh idea with a contemporary groove. Traditional and current fans alike can appreciate this song. For traditional fans, it doesn’t have the worn out Bro “look at me, hey girl” lyrics and it only says truck once (referred to Carrie)! For contemporary fans, It’s got a great groove that fits right in the current format and a great, easy to sing, hook.

Girls should go “all country” on a guy when the guy:

I’m not giving anybody permission to slit tires or burn your clothes. I’m just saying girls can “go all country on you” if you mistreat ’em.

The most “country” thing about me is:

I’m a country singer born in South Carolina. People that talk about how “country” they are probably aren’t country at all. I got lucky and was raised on Kristofferson and Patsy Cline.

My favorite country song of all time would have to be:

“Here Comes That Rainbow Again” by Kris Kristofferson or Tom T. Hall’s “Old Dogs, Children And The Watermelon Wine.”

A country icon I would love to sing with is:

Kris Kristofferson

A country I would love to visit is:


If I could represent our country in the Olympics, I would compete in:

Bobsledding or Javelin, of course.

Thanks to Austin for this fun interview! For more info on him and to see where you can catch him on the road be sure to visit

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