Miranda Lambert Teams Up With Carrie Underwood for “Somethin’ Bad” — Song Review

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood took the Billboard Music Awards by storm last week with their high-octane debut of “Somethin’ Bad.” Miranda and Carrie had been building up the suspense for months talking about this collaboration and keeping the fans in suspense. The song, which will be on Miranda’s upcoming album “Platinum,” pairs the two female powerhouse vocalists teaming up and making something quite good out of “Somethin’ Bad.”

Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/mirandalambert
Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/mirandalambert

Chris DeStefano, Brett James and Priscilla Renea wrote the song, which couples fierce attitude with a country rock sound. The lyrics tell the tale of a runaway bride and a random stranger who are ready to be the next “Thelma and Louise” (the notorious pair gets name checked in the song). Miranda and Carrie take turns swapping verses like,

Now me and that girl that I met on the street/We’re rollin’ down the road down to New Orleans/Got a full tank of gas and the money out the mattress/Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen

The song has a lot of character and it is great to see two female heavy hitters in country music pairing up for a high-energy, almost in your face sort of song. The chemistry the two had on stage together at the Billboard Music Awards can also be heard when just listening to the song. They feed off each other well, both bringing their signature sound while seamlessly meshing their styles.

There aren’t a lot of female collaborations like this around, especially in country music. The song is catchy and the hook will be in your head for days. Is it the most impressive song either of the two women have ever sung… not quite. However, the song does tell a story, it’s unlike any song out right now and it’s a duet with two of country’s finest…I say it is a win! “Somethin’ Bad” is available NOW and will be on Miranda Lambert’s album “Platinum” out June 3rd. Miranda and Carrie will also be performing the song June 4th at the upcoming CMT Video Music Awards in Nashville!

You can listen to the song below!





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  1. Saw them on the Billboard Awards. Thought it was an amazing performance but then I can’t expect anything less from those 2 .

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