Rachele Lynae Comes Out Strong With Self-Titled Debut Album — Review

Alaskan native and talented country up and comer Rachele Lynae is releasing her highly anticipated debut album  April 22nd. Produced by superstar Jamie O’Neal, on her new Momentum Label Group, the album shows off Rachele’s sass, passion for music and powerhouse vocals.

Rachele had her hand in writing all of the tracks from the catchy and high-energy song, “Party Til the Cows Come Home,” to the softer, more vulnerable “Sometimes You Fly.” The album kicks off with “Touch the Stars” and immediately you realize you are hearing a voice that is here for the long haul. With a perfect mix of attitude and grace, Rachele’s voice soars. She shows her lively side on the clever “Fishin’ For Something” and then pulls in the reins and demonstrates how she can convey emotion on “Clean.”

This debut album is extremely impressive. Rachele’s voice was made to sing country music. Whether she is singing a ballad or a boot stomper her vocals effortlessly rise to the occasion. “Cigarette,” and “Old Fashioned Love” have beautiful lyrics and are standouts among a solid album that finds a female voice giving her perspective on life. While this debut is certainly very modern, Rachele did not abandon the country sound…and I applaud her for that! In fact, a few songs have an overall feel that is slightly reminiscent of her producer and mentor Jamie O’Neal (“There Is No Arizona” “When I Think About Angels”).

Debut albums can be tricky, but Rachele should be really proud of this one. This not only represents her well as a singer, but as a songwriter too. From listening to the album you get the full feel of who she is as an artist; she didn’t hold anything back, she laid it all on the line and it more than paid off. I would most certainly recommend that you pick up this album. Keep your eyes and ears out for Rachele Lynae…big things are coming for her and this fantastic album is just the beginning! Thanks for making great music Rachele…you have made Country Music Matters a fan!

You can get more info on Rachele Lynae at www.rachelelynae.com and her self-titled album is available NOW on iTunes!

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