Hey…Wait a Second! ACM Awards Afterthoughts and Questions

I have been thinking a lot since watching the ACM Awards on Sunday. All of my family and friends know I am a huge country fan so they have all asked me my thoughts. My answer to them, “I guess the show was what I expected it would be.” However, I decided that begs the question…shouldn’t I have higher expectations? I am not here to call anyone out, to pick on a certain artist or to completely trash talk the show. Everyone has an opinion and mine is no more important than anyone else’s. I just want to put a few thoughts out there to see if anyone else may feel the same way.

For starters…why oh why are multiple artists performing multiple times on one award show? Last time I checked there are plenty of country artists that didn’t get showcased that probably would love a spot on a show a like that. Just off the top of my head I can think of six artists who performed more than one time! This is a true disservice not only to the country artists, but also the country fans. It is the same on country radio. A handful of artists get played over and over and over again. Is there not room for more?

Next, let us not forget the show is called the Academy of COUNTRY Music Awards. It has a rich history just like the music it is supposed to represent. While I very much appreciated the tribute to Merle Haggard, it would have been nice if there was a bit more done with it. Perhaps a few videos, a little more on his career, and instead of a brief medley of two songs, perhaps two full songs would have been nice. There would be time if some artists were not performing twice. I think many people that have embraced country music, have embraced the more modern pop sounding country music. The ACM Awards would be a great time to showcase where our music came from and pay tribute to the heroes who really paved the way. I think Merle deserved more time.

Overall I feel like the show represented the current state of country music, so I guess that is why the show was what I expected. I am just not sure that I am comfortable with that representation. I think country music fans need to demand more. While a good party song here and there is a ton of fun, so is a good story song with twang. Where is the balance? I will tell you…it is not there! There are extremely talented artists in country music who are not getting heard because radio and apparently now award shows, favor the same songs and the same artists. I know they are popular, I know they make money and I know many fans love them, BUT there is more to country music than those handful of songs and artists. I would love to hear country radio give some more traditional sounding artists a shot. Mix those artists in with the ones being played. Equal opportunity…ya know? Then when award season comes around there is a bigger pool of people that fans are familiar with who can take the stage!

Of course there were moments on the show that I enjoyed. I am truly happy for EVERY single artist that won. Whether I am a fan or not, they all work hard and have a dream…and I love seeing people’s dreams come true. All I am saying is fans deserve more of a variety; they deserve to hear a broader spectrum of country music represented and that includes honoring the music’s history.

6 thoughts on “Hey…Wait a Second! ACM Awards Afterthoughts and Questions

  1. It would also be nice if they presented ALL the awards DURING the show, instead of giving some of the awards out BEFORE the show. Two of the notable awards that were given out on the red carpet were Video of the Year and Collaboration/Vocal Event…whatever it’s called these days. They could cut out two songs in order to get those two awards in…just give each artist one song each, and add those two awards back into the show. Also, the lack of female performers on the show was very evident. Other than the ‘special guest’ artists they had on the show (Sheryl Crowe, Shakria), the only female artist who performed (and not including Hilary from Lady A.) was Miranda. Where were all the female vocalist nominee performances? Where was Taylor Swift, who was up for EOTY? Some people are saying that Carrie and Taylor weren’t included because they don’t have new songs out, but they could still sing their last single on the show. Just like country radio, lack of female country artists performing was extremely evident.

  2. I just know that if the award shows keep going this way, I won’t bother watching anymore. I already record the shows so that I can zap thru the entertainers singing the songs I have already heard a million times. I don’t mind the entertainers that have crossed over with a country album singing, but I don’t like bringing in rock singers on a country award show. They might as well just have one award show and throw all the genres in there. The lines are so blurred now, it’s ridiculous. That being said, I have nothing against other genres, I love pretty much all of them, I just don’t find all genres appropriate for a country award show.

  3. I basically listened to it while in the kitchen at my computer searching for Merle and Vince on you tube.I don’t know what Vince was doing or if he was invited to perform a song of Merle’s from Bakersfield but in my opinion he should have been there singing that high note song .That to me would have the best part of the show.Some were saying things about Merle not smiling ( Merle never smiles much) Some were saying what is wrong with him he seems out of it.Obviously they aren’t familiar with Merle.When he accepted I thought he was gracious .I do agree they should have spent a bit more time on him..I do understand there are time constraints on the award shows but they waste some of that time on people who I feel aren’t country enough to even be there.I love Blake Shelton but not the hosting part .Think it’s to silly. I want the old days back.Like Vince did it when he hosted the CMAS

  4. Couldn’t agree more…………..what we saw and heard is just what the radio plays……..but where the heck was Zac Brown Band…..Billy Currington….and on and on

  5. I so agree with everything that has been said. There are so many good country singers who can’t get heard because radio plays the same artists day in and day out. Of course the are popular because they are being heard! I am tired of the same artists being nominated and the same ones winning year after year. As has been said in a previous post ALL the artists, male, female and groups work really hard all year long and it is such a travesty to only be able to hear the select few and therefore see the same nominations and winners every year.

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