Frankie Ballard’s “Sunshine & Whiskey” is a Must Hear — Album Review

Frankie Ballard’s album “Sunshine & Whiskey” is fantastic…let’s just start out by cutting to the chase! From beginning to end, all 11 tracks are worth listening to time and time again! With the lead single “Helluva Life” hitting number one on the charts and being a huge fan favorite, “Sunshine & Whiskey”  further shows that Frankie has the potential to be a consistent hit maker!  As Frankie told Country Music Matters at Country Radio Seminar,

I think a lot of people are going to discover the album because of “Helluva Life,” but they are going to find a lot of little golden treasures I have left for them.

The Michigan born singer and talented musician delivers songs that possess substance, fun, great guitar licks, and stellar vocals! Mix all that with a soulful country/rock sound and you get “Sunshine & Whiskey.” The album begins with the up-tempo “Young & Crazy” kicking the album off to a powerful start. The song demonstrates Frankie’s one of kind voice and has a infectious sound. I can see this song being a huge hit! The title track is up next and provides a great groove and catchy hook. Usually it is about this point in an album that I start skipping around, but in this case I just kept listening…it truly delivers one great song after another.

After the hit “Helluva Life” comes the track “Drinky Drink.” Don’t let the title of the song fool you! It may sound like it’s going to be another run of the mill drinking song with no substance, but that is not the case! Frankie shows he is a stand out artist by not going with the trends of electronic sounds. He has created an entertaining song where he can mention booze without the all too typical pop sound! “Drinky Drink” has harmonica, banjo and once again finds Frankie’s country rasp shining through! “Sober Me Up” is another prominent force on the album. It has a slower tempo and exemplifies Frankie’s diversity as an artist and ability to convey the emotion of lyrics. “Don’t Tell Mama I Was Drinking” which has also been done by Ty Herndon and Gary Allan, finds Frankie paying homage to more traditional leaning country while still completely making it his own. Frankie told us,

It will never be a single at country radio, but it was something that physically moved me when I heard it. I knew this was something that needed to be heard, people needed to discover it.

That statement by Frankie speaks volumes. Just by listening to his album you can tell he put a lot of thought into the songs and a whole lot of heart too! This album isn’t about going with the trends…it is about creating GREAT music for the fans. There are plenty of songs on “Sunshine & Whiskey” that I can see being hits for Frankie! If you only know “Helluva Life” then you are just hearing a small piece of Frankie’s immense talent. Go pick up your copy of “Sunshine & Whiskey” TODAY…I promise you won’t be sorry! Well done, Frankie…well done! 🙂


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