Whisperin’ Bill Anderson’s “Life!” —- Album Review

Whisperin’ Bill Anderson is a country music icon and one of the greatest songwriters in Music City. His latest album, “Life!” is filled with just that. The album features stories, wittiness, friends, love, a little sadness, and an abundant amount of character.  Bill has a way with words and this latest album gives fans everything they have come to expect from the man who possesses country music’s favorite whisper!

The album has 10 tracks all written or co-written by Bill. To add even more flavor to the album Bill invited some very famous friends to come and lend their voice to “Life!” It kicks off with the catchy and extremely entertaining “Bubba Garcia’s” featuring the one and only Willie Nelson. The song’s lyrics are sharp and the addition of Willie’s unique sound makes the song just that much better. Vince Gill makes an appearance on “A Song Like This” and Joey and Rory join Bill on “Whisper.” A good story song is an important part of country music and you can always count on Bill for those. “In Another Life” and “Old Army Hat” both tell a compelling tale and highlight Bill as a storyteller.

Overall this album is simply fantastic. Bill Anderson is extremely creative and I love how you can hear his imagination when you listen to his songs. After decades of songwriting for himself and for countless others, he still continues to push himself creating new and fresh material. Bill is one of those artists that will put a smile on your face. I appreciate how he infuses his personality into his work and how he connects with his listeners. “Life!” is an album that I would highly recommend. If you have never listened to Bill Anderson sing…or whisper for that matter, I guarantee you have heard songs that he has written! He is one of country music’s biggest treasures and this album just seals the deal that he is truly one of a kind!

“Life!” is available on iTunes NOW and it will be in stores March 4th! I am telling you…take a listen…you WILL smile 🙂

You can sample “Life!” below!

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  1. have a dvd movie called road to nashville which has bill in singing two songs also early waylon connie smith marty robbins and others great movie for music fans

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