Logan Brill’s “Walking Wires” — Album Review

Logan Brill recently released her debut album “Walking Wires.” The country up and comer has been making music since she was a little girl and has already had some big career moments singing with the Knoxville Symphony and opening for Josh Turner. While Logan may be new on the scene she has delivered an album full of depth and substance that rivals seasoned performers.

At first listen you immediately notice the unique quality in Logan’s voice and her songs. There is nothing generic about her music…the sound is fresh, the emotion is real and the lyrics are poignant. There are 10 tracks on the album and it opens with the beautiful, “No Such Thing as Ghosts.” This song, along with many of the others, is very stripped down allowing Logan’s voice to shine. The next song, “Bad Habits,” kicks things up a notch and has great lines like, “It’s going to take more than a month of bad habits to get me over you.” Logan describes her music as a mix of Country, Americana and Rock. In the song “Ne’er Do Wells” the rock influence is definitely present. With some heavy guitar riffs this song shows another side to what Logan has to offer, however she pulls it off and stays spot on vocally. “Rewind” is a powerful song that explores emotions after a break up, and my absolute favorite on the album is “Write It On Your Heart.” This song is nothing short of beautiful. It also features the lyrics that contain the album’s name, “You’ve been walking wires way up high knowing if you fall you can not fly. Write it on your heart just one more time and leave it there because you know that I’m yours…I’m yours”

While Logan is a unique artist, I would compare her music to Holly Williams. Holly’s music is original, honest and tells a story and it seems Logan is that kind of artist as well. If you are looking for a new country singer to get hooked on I think you will find that in Logan. Her voice draws you in instantly and she is bringing the genre a big dose of originality. “Walking Wires” is available on iTunes now and I would recommend checking it out! Logan was also our October “Artist on the Rise” If you want to learn more about the singer be sure to click HERE.

Logan Brill

Get more info on Logan at www.loganbrill.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/loganbrillmusic

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 * Feature Photo Credit: Cassandra Leete

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