Carrie Underwood Gets a New Shoe…Kinda!

Carrie Underwood got a little tangled up in Corpus Christi, TX  last night. One of her shoes got stuck on her long shirt and she took a tumble. She is doing okay, but she did end up needing a medical boot on her foot. She took to twitter to have a little bit of fun with it saying,

Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christi when that girl busted her butt on stage?! Hilarious! Oh wait, that was me! #5inchheels #klutz

She also then posted the picture of her in the boot and tweeted,

Good news, it’s not broken….AND I got some new footwear!

We are glad Carrie is going to be fine and love that she has a great sense of humor. What a trooper!

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