Amy Grant Brings Music and Stories to The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live

September 3rd The Grammy Museum welcomed Amy Grant to the intimate Clive Davis Theater for a night of question and answer and great music. The museum, which is located at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California, is really a great place to visit. Not only do they have a collection of incredible music memorabilia, but they also do these intimate evenings with some of music’s biggest stars. The theater seats 200 people and gives audience members an in depth look at the careers and music of the artists who stop by.

 Scott Goldman, who is a part of the Grammy Foundation, hosted the evening. He gave a brief introduction and then welcomed out the lady everyone was waiting for, Amy Grant. She came out with a big smile on her face looking just as excited to be there as the audience was. The first part of the evening consisted of Scott interviewing Amy and he asked her about everything about growing up singing in the church to songwriting and more. Amy gave fans an in depth look at her journey that started when she was just 15 years old. Her honesty, candidness and authenticity were on display the entire evening. She told us about an experience she had years ago. She wrote a song she wanted James Taylor to sing on with her. When she sent the song to him he was less than impressed and passed. Amy told the story and laughed, knowing everything happens for a reason. On her latest album, “How Mercy Looks From Here” she had a song she just knew she had to have James’ voice on. This time she contacted him and he eagerly wanted to be a part of it. Dreams do come true; sometimes you just have to be patient.

 Amy also talked about her husband, country music legend Vince Gill. The two are known around Nashville for their humanitarian efforts. Scott asked Amy what made them so compelled to always be willing to give a helping hand and give of their time. In her sweet and calming voice she talked about how she was raised that way and many times she feels compelled and moved to do something. The night continued with other questions that led Amy to talk about musical collaborations, making her new album and so much more. The thing that most struck me about Amy was how much she truly loves the music. She even spoke about how she is always looking for an opportunity to be moved by music; whether she is playing it or she is listening to it.

 Amy’s kind heart and relaxed demeanor made it feel like you were in a room with an old friend. That feeling really intensified during the audience participation part of the evening. I must say I was moved as I watched person after person stand up and share their heart with Amy. As stories were shared, Amy listened, laughed and genuinely cared what these people were telling her. One of the highlights came when a women named Whitney stood up to ask Amy a question. She told Amy how long she had been a fan, the inspiration Amy has provided her as she has pursued her own musical career and told Amy she never plays one of her own shows without covering an Amy Grant song (mentioning that morning she sang “Better Than a Hallelujah”). She even asked Amy if she would consider singing on her upcoming album, but told Amy she didn’t have to answer right away, which caused the crowd to laugh.


Used with permission of Whitney Steele Music
Used with permission of Whitney Steele Music

As the night continued Amy came to the musical part of the show and welcomed some of her band mates to join her on stage. They played a perfect mix of old songs and new songs and the crowd was completely into it from smiles to tears all the way to singing along. Amy’s music moves people…that is evident. As things were getting ready to wrap up a big surprise came for Whitney the fan. Amy invited her to come up on the stage and sing “Better Than a Hallelujah” with her. This was a true goose bump moment. Watching someone live out a dream is really a beautiful thing, especially when it is paired with someone’s giving heart allowing it to happen. Whitney was extremely talented and her and Amy blew us all away.

 The night was definitely one to remember and I am glad I got to be a part of it. Below is the full set list from the night so you can see what songs Amy played for us! Also be sure to check out Amy Grant’s website to see where you can catch her live and check out her album “How Mercy Looks From Here.” You can also take a look at Whitney Steele’s website. She has a great voice and I can see big things happening for her!

Set List:

 “Anywhere With Jesus”

“If I Could I See (What the Angels See)”

“Father’s Eyes”

“Love of Another Kind”

“ Our Time Is Now”

“Better Than A Hallelujah” (Featuring Whitney Steele)

“Jesus Loves Me/They’ll Know We Are Christians”

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4 thoughts on “Amy Grant Brings Music and Stories to The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live

  1. Krissie, this is an awesome review. Whitney Steele is a friend of mine and has often shared her love of Amy’s music during her performances. It’s just magic that Amy gave Whitney this opportunity! I am not surprised – Whitney is an angel, in faith, voice, talent and personality. Whitney will be releasing a new Kickstarter funded album soon and this review will definitely help promote it.


  2. Krissie,
    Your love for the artists and love for the music shines through in your reviews. I took Whitney to this concert with the expectation of maybe her being able to ask Amy a question and seeing her perform. What happened at the end was beyond my wildness dreams. It was magical, a dream come true and a beautiful impromptu collaboration all rolled into to one.

    Your review captured all of it and I wanted to thank you again,

  3. I have met both Amy and Vince and know exactly what you mean, they are both genuine, authentic people who love people the way we were meant to love!! Thanks for writing such a lovely article!

  4. amy i didnt know you are married to vince gill i have not heard that name for years i used to see him on the counry music awards wich have not been seen on tv in australia for years always liked his music his songs told a story not like some today just say hello for me thank you so much

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