Jo Dee Messina Releases “Peace Sign” — Single Review

Jo Dee Messina is back with new music with her feisty new single “Peace Sign” which was released August 26th. Jo Dee’s fans have been very involved in her upcoming album all the way to choosing the first single. The singer recently ran a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $100, 000 dollars to fund a new project. Jo Dee has some dedicated fans and I think it was great she let them vote on the new single. According to The Boot over 22,000 fans voted and the far and away winner was “Peace Sign,” which is clearly already a fan favorite and I see why.

Jo Dee is known for being a strong woman with songs that have a message and story to tell. Her voice is identifiable and she has brought country music some incredible hits with “Lesson in Leavin’,” “My Give A Damn’s Busted,” “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” “Burn” and so many more. This new single brings fans everything they have come to love and respect about Jo Dee. It has sass, it is fun, and in addition the lyrics embrace a sentiment I think many fans will relate to in regards to their ex.

“If that’s the way you wanna do it/if that’s the way you wanna walk away/Im not coming undone/I’ve got nothing but love/You put the FU in fun, it’s all good/I’m not trying to fight/I’m not wasting my time/I’m just saying goodbye/One finger shy of the peace sign”

The way Jo Dee connects with a lyric is always something I have found to be special about her. She is never one to just phone it in and she always makes the listener know she has been there and has come out on the other side. Fans respect that and it makes her music engaging.  “Peace Sign” is a strong first single and one that I would recommend. If this is any indication of what the full album will hold I think country fans are in for a real treat.

“Peace Sign” is available for download NOW on iTunes! Go check it out! For more information about Jo Dee Messina click HERE

Take a look at Jo Dee’s Lyric video for “Peace Sign” below! What do you think? Leave us a comment if it MATTERS to you! 

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